Why the Intel Community is at an Inflection Point with Data


By: Nathan Strout


The Intelligence Community is at an inflection point and will have to “reimagine” how it embraces data and digital connectedness, the nation’s No. 2 intel official said during a June 4 speech. One of the government’s leaders in this transformation, Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence Sue Gordon said, may be the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency.


“This is not your mother’s national security,” Gordon said. “Where the threats surface now is largely outside the government, and the people who are having to make decisions about national security are not the people who were necessarily believing they had to make that decision before.”


Gordon, who delivered a keynote address at the GEOINT 2019 Conference in San Antonio, said the Intelligence Community has witnessed two inflection points in its history and now faces a third one.


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Source: DNI

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