South Korea’s daily COVID-19 caseload for Monday was 1,4-hundred-87 of which 61 were locally transmitted.
This is a dip of 132 cases from a day before, but the dip had been expected as slowed testing is reflected in Mondays’ numbers.
But in a week to week comparison it’s an increase from last week’s Monday number by 70.
Before today, there was a slow but steady decline.
Last week saw an average of 1,7-hundred-45 cases per day, a decline of 33 cases a day compared to the week before, despite the more transmissible Delta variant now accounting for around 90 percent of all cases in the country.
In addition, the country has had heightened distancing rules imposed for the past week, the effects of which are yet to show with this jump of case numbers compared to last Monday.

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