South Korea is considering an inoculation plan for pregnant women as well as juveniles aged 12 to 17.
Health authorities have decided to advise pregnant women to get vaccinated against COVID-19, after assessing that the vaccine does not pose serious risks to their health.
The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety have also confirmed the safety and efficacy of vaccines on juveniles aged 12 and above.
President Moon expects this to further increase the country’s vaccination rate.

“With the vaccination age bracket lowered to 12-years-old and as more vaccinations are given to those who are not yet inoculated, the vaccination rate will reach close to 80%. We will be able to surpass other countries and record a high rate of vaccination.”

The inoculation plan will be announced in September and vaccinations will likely begin in the fourth quarter, once people aged between 18 to 49 complete their first round of inoculations.

Health authorities are also advising those who’ve been fully vaccinated to get a booster shot after six months.

“If a certain period of time passes after the inoculation, antibodies decrease and breakthrough infections increase. Considering the spread of the Delta variant, booster shots will be administered 6 months after getting the full jabs. We recommend those with weakened immune systems to get the extra dose first, even before 6 months.”

The additional shots are planned to begin in the fourth quarter as well.

On Monday, the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety also announced that the contaminated Moderna vaccines found in Japan are from a different batch from the vaccines imported to South Korea.
This comes as Japan’s Okinawa prefecture identified foreign substances in a batch of the Moderna vaccine.
The government is currently in talks with Moderna on fixing the supply schedule for 6 million doses of its vaccine.
The doses are expected to arrive in the country this week.
Choi Min-jung, Arirang News.


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