South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff said on Monday that a total of 247 people out of the 301 members of the navy’s Cheonghae Unit have tested positive for the virus meaning more than 82-percent of the unit have been infected so far.
50 of them have tested negative, while the results of four members could not be confirmed.
So far, 16 have been hospitalized one needs intensive care, the rest are suffering from mild symptoms such as dizziness.
The rest of the infected personnel are isolated within their four,400 ton destroyer, Mun Mu the Great.
All of the 301 members are expected to return to Korea late Tuesday on the military’s two Multi-Role Transport and Tanker aircraft.
The aircraft arrived in the area on Monday afternoon, Korea time.
They were carrying some 200 vaccinated personnel from the Navy, Air Force and medical staff to aid the unit’s return.

“The military’s MRTT aircraft have arrived at the site. While maintaining virus prevention measures, the military is preparing for the prompt return of the 34th batch of the Cheonghae Unit with close cooperation with related countries.”

Seoul’s defense ministry said it’s currently securing military sites and consulting with South Korean health authorities to arrange quarantine facilities.
In response to criticisms for not vaccinating the members of the Cheonghae Unit in advance, the ministry said there were limitations since the vaccines that Korea is using require separate agreements when shipped abroad and that there would have been limitations in monitoring any side effects like anaphylaxis onboard the vessel operating overseas.
Kim Ji-yeon, Arirang News.


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