High school seniors and teachers are next up for Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine.
Health authorities have decided to inoculate these roughly 650-thousand people ahead of other groups as a make-or-break moment awaits these students.

“The inoculation of these students comes just in time as there are only four months left until the college entrance exam. This is the second exam under the pandemic, but vaccines will ease the safety concerns of the test takers this time around.”

More than 95 percent of those eligible have signed up to get the shot – which is not compulsory to take the test.
This center in Nowon-gu District will inoculate 17 schools in the district by inviting two schools per day.
High school seniors and teachers across the country will all get the first doses by July 30th.

“This is a good opportunity as COVID-19 has restricted us from going to cram schools, but because the government is letting us get the vaccines first, I can go and study harder.”

” As we are vaccinated, we can start going to study at cafes and libraries more freely and with less concern. I think I’ll study harder. We were limited in our ability to study with friends, but now we can ask each other questions and study in a more comfortable setting.”

“As we are shooting for the full opening of schools for the second semester, for a safer learning environment, I thought, not only just the high school seniors, but also alll the teachers should get the vaccines.”

Next up for reservations are 50 to 54 year olds who can start to make their reservations from 8 PM on Monday, taking turns by their age until July 24th.
As for the country’s inoculation status, more than 31 percent of the population received at least the first dose of the vaccine while nearly 13 percent are fully vaccinated.
Kim Do-yeon, Arirang News.

Reporter : tkim@arirang.com


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