Thousands of people are visiting South Korea’s southernmost island of Jeju this summer.
And to make sure the beaches don’t become virus hotspots, health authorities are putting stricter measures in place.
Our Choi Won-jong went down to Jeju’s Hamdeok Beach and sent this report.
Overcast weather on Jeju island didn’t stop these thousands of people from heading to the beach to ride a jet ski, take a dip in the sea, or simply relax on the sand.
As private gatherings of more than four people have been allowed on the island from the beginning of July, the beach officials are busier than usual trying to keep up with the COVID-19 prevention measures.

“Starting in July up to 6 people are allowed to gather. I’m worried that more people will come to visit. But I think we will be okay since we keep urging people not to have gatherings of more than 7 people.”

As part of the virus prevention measures all visitors are required to dial to a designated phone number to register themselves when they arrive.
And checking their body temperature is also a must.
The visitors will get a wrist band after their temperature has been checked allowing them to use common facilities like a showering area without having their temperature checked again.

“One of the measures in place is this body temperature sticker. The color of the sticker right now is GREEN,… but if your temperature goes over 37.5 degrees Celsius …it changes color to YELLOW.”

And another key measure is wearing a mask.
You don’t need to wear one in the water, but when you are out, you must put it back on.
During the day, the officials are walking around the area making sure all visitors put their masks back on right away.

“Can you please put your masks on?”

Some visitors were happy to see these patrols.

“I saw a few people not wearing masks here, but I think the officials asking people to put masks on is helping prevention measures a lot.”

“My time so far has been really cautious doing things but safely so I really appreciate that. My family and I are here. We feel really safe but also have a little of freedom so it’s been nice.”

As enforcing the prevention measures is difficult in the evening the officials here said the beach will close after 7 PM and will be open until the end of August.
Choi Won-jong, Arirang News, Jeju.


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