As vaccines for Covid-19 are rolled out, businesses that have been hit hard by the pandemic are now desperate to lure customers back in.

“This waterpark in Gyeonggi-do Province had a tough year as Covid-19 forced it to close its doors for nearly 8 months.
But now, it’s using special offers to bring back visitors.”

Anyone who’s been fully vaccinated can get in for free.
And for those who have only received the first round of inoculations, the park is offering ticket prices at ten thousand won, which is just under 10 U.S. dollars, a fifth of the original price.

“Well, first, we wanted to encourage vaccinations. We had a lot of difficulties last year due to Covid so we prepared this special offer in the hope that the situation stabilizes quickly and that many people can come to swim in a safe and comfortable environment.”

“There are a lot of people who have been coming here for free because they’re vaccinated. We used to come here almost every day but couldn’t come for almost a year. So it’s great to be back now that I’m vaccinated.”

This performance hall is also offering deals.
The pandemic hit the hall hard and many of its artists had to work two or three jobs just to get by.

“From June to the end of this year, we’re offering 50-percent off ticket prices for our guest or planned performances. We hope that people feel safe through vaccinations and that the art and culture industry returns to normal. “

And around 60 local business owners in the city of Suwon, Gyeonggi-do Province are collaborating to offer discounts to those who have received their jabs.

“Have you been vaccinated against Covid-19?”
“Just once”
“I’ll take a thousand won off your bill.”

“Local restaurant owners have been hit hard by Covid-19. So we hope, more than anyone else, that this ends as soon as possible. I took part in this event, thinking that if we all help to speed up vaccinations, we will all return to life before Covid sooner.”

Movie theaters, tourist attractions and hotels are also running special offers to encourage people to get vaccinated and start living their lives again.
Kim Yeon-seung, Arirang News


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