Businesses in South Korea are getting one step closer to being back to normal.
With the new eased COVID-19 restrictions announced last Sunday, cafes, restaurants and bars are looking forward to having more customers.

“So far only private gatherings of up to four people have been allowed but starting July first, people can meet in groups of up to six people.”

And, this will be raised to eight people eventually after a two-week trial period in the Greater Seoul area.
“Due to current limits on private gatherings, there were a lot of difficulties running a business. But with the revised restrictions, we are hoping that this will help. I think our customers can eat with more freedom.”

Under the new social distancing guidelines next month, the current five-tier scheme will be switched to a four-tier scheme.
The capital will start under the new level two social distancing meaning groups of 8 can meet, and restaurants, coffee shops, and bars can stay open until midnight.
This means bars in the Greater Seoul area will be able to operate for two hours longer which gives this bar owner a busier schedule.

“Two more hours of being open means more time to have customers. Sales nearly doubled when previous changes were made from 9 PM to 10 PM. We are expecting to see as high sales as it used to be before pandemic.”

He added that he will prepare more chairs for customers to sit for next month.
However, the health authorities are still on alert urging the public to keep wearing masks at indoor facilities even under social distancing level one.
Choi Won-jong, Arirang News.


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