As the second quarter nears its end,… nearly 30 percent of South Korea’s population is now vaccinated against COVID-19.
Some 15 million people have received at least one dose,… well exceeding the country’s initial goal of 13 million by the end of June.
And authorities say this major scale-up has partly contributed to bringing down daily COVID-19 cases over the past two weeks,that, along with the warm weather.
But they made clear further efforts are need to see a clearer effect.

“There are a lot of risk factors. The vaccination rate is at 30 percent, but not everyone is fully vaccinated. Also, 30 percent vaccination can reduce fatality rate, but it is not enough to effectively contain local transmissions.”

Authorities added it is important to keep social distancing measures in place until herd immunity is reached.
And that’s the country’s plan for the next three months,when it will be expanding vaccinations to the rest of the public those aged 18 to 59.
An official said, some 80 million vaccine doses are planned to arrive in the third quarter,more than enough to reach its goal of 22 million being vaccinated during that period.
The official added,.. Moderna and Pfizer vaccines are expected to be the major pillars.
This clears any concern over vaccine shortages,despite a delay in the AstraZeneca vaccines arriving from the COVAX Facility.
The vaccines previously planned for the late this month,have been delayed to sometime in July.
With the stable supply, the country may reach its goal of vaccinating 70 percent of its population earlier than planned, as it is currently ahead of schedule.
Lee Kyung-eun, Arirang News.


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