President Moon Jae-in took part in a South Korea-U.S. vaccine partnership event held in Washington, D.C on Saturday.
The South Korean biopharmaceutical company Samsung Biologics signed a deal there to manufacture the COVID-19 vaccine developed by the U.S. drugmaker Moderna.
Making the vaccine in South Korea is expected to help the country secure a fast and steady supply.
The Blue House said that this will also help South Korea become a vaccine manufacturing hub, since it’s already producing the vaccines from AstraZeneca, NOVAVAX, and Sputnik V.

“Now the U.S. and South Korea have secured production bases that can effectively respond to global vaccine demand. Furthermore, we are able to respond faster to the need for vaccines among our allies and among developing countries.”

Also at the event, an MOU on vaccine development and production was signed by another Korean biotech company, SK Bioscience, with the South Korean health ministry and the vaccine maker Novavax.
This will allow them to cooperate on developing a next generation vaccine that can work both for COVID-19 variants and influenza.
They will also use SK Bioscience’s facilities for production, and the government will provide active support.
The representatives of the companies that attended the event emphasized the importance of such partnerships.

“We will contribute to an early end of the pandemic not only in Korea but also around the world through rapid and stable production.”

“Based on today’s event, we hope to promote long-term cooperation to develop vaccines for COVID-19 variants and an influenza and COVID-19 combo vaccine for global public health with the South Korean government’s active support.”

President Moon asked his government to do its best to help these firms from both countries carry out their projects and to make South Korea the world’s best vaccine production hub.
Hong Yoo, Arirang News.


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