We start with President Moon Jae-in’s special address held moments ago to mark his fourth year in office.
He looked back over the past four years and explained his policy goals and tasks for his final year as president.
Let’s go live to our senior presidential office correspondent Kim Minji for details.
Min-ji, run us through the president’s speech.

President Moon says his final year in office will be the most important as the government still has the task of overcoming the COVID-19 pandemic.
He thanked the public for showing solidarity and coping the situation, saying that there will be light at the tunnel as the government speeds up its vaccination campaign.
Moon said continued efforts will be made to procure more vaccines and that the government is aiming to give first shots to the entire population by the end of September and achieve herd immunity before the current target of November.

On the economy — he noted that data showed a recovery, and highlighted that some international organizations are forecasting over four percent growth.
Moon vowed all efforts to achieve that goal, adding that the government will be focusing on job creation and providing support for promising industries.
The president also pledged to smoothly implement housing supply measures as planned, while at the same time rooting out real estate speculation and carrying out reforms to make transactions more transparent.
He said it was a shame that his administration hadn’t yet managed to stabilize the housing market.

I understand President Moon also vowed utmost efforts to revive the peace process on the Korean Peninsula during the remainder of his five-year tenure.

Moon said his final year will be the last opportunity to establish lasting peace on the Peninsula.
He said now it’s time for action, after a long period of deliberation.
Moon also welcomed the U.S. policy review on North Korea — saying it is a realistic and practical direction that focuses on diplomacy.
He vowed continued coordination with the U.S.,.. and to seek ways to resume dialogue between Pyeongyang and Washington as well as between the two Koreas during his upcoming summit with President Biden.
He said he will not be hasty or impatient during his final year but will do all he can when there’s an opportunity to develop the peace process.
Moon also hoped for a positive response from North Korea.
That’s all I have for now, back to you Mark.


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