South Korea on Monday began accepting COVID-19 vaccine reservations,for the next group of senior citizens — those between the ages of 65 and 69.
This is the second of the three-stage reservation program,which covers people between 60 and 74,who will be getting the AstraZeneca vaccine.
The first reservation round took place four days ago, for the oldest group — those between 70 and 74.
After this second round, the final group, those between 60 and 64,can book their shots from Thursday.

“Out of the 1,874 people who’ve died of COVID-19 in South Korea, over 95 percent were 60 or older. Senior citizens absolutely need to get vaccinated. Not for the goal of reaching herd immunity, but for their own health and safety.”

The actual inoculations will take place from May 27th to mid-June,in phases,starting with the oldest people.
Vaccinations have already started… for those over 75.
That group is getting the Pfizer vaccine.
In the meantime, South Korea has announced its preliminary review on Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine,which was largely supportive of approving it.
The Food and Drug Safety Ministry on Sunday held its first consultative meeting with an independent advisory panel,which confirmed the vaccine provides 94.1 percent protection against COVID-19,and forms strong antibodies,two weeks after the second dose.
This is one of three review stages that the authorities have to clear before approving it.
If given the greenlight,.Moderna’s vaccine would be the fourth approved in South Korea,following those developed by AstraZeneca, Pfizer, and Johnson & Johnson.
Lee Kyung-eun, Arirang News.


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