The South Korean government is reiterating that its inoculation drive will continue as planned,despite the global vaccine shortage.

“We make it clear that,so far,..there haven’t been any delays in the supplies we have secured from vaccine makers.”

With a stable supply,the government is aiming to vaccinate 36 million people 70 percent of the population by September.
If it does, that means the country can achieve herd immunity two months earlier than it initially planned.
That’s largely possible thanks to the vaccines the government has ADDITIONALLY secured.
On Saturday, the vaccine task force announced it will be getting an additional 40 million Pfizer vaccine doses by September enough to fully vaccinate 20 million people.
During that time,more vaccines from Novavax, Moderna, and Janssen, are also due to arrive,giving South Korea enough vaccines for 99 million people by the end of the year.
That’s twice the country’s entire population,…and three times the 36 million people required to achieve herd immunity.
In light of this, a senior health official said that, at the moment, South Korea sees no need to consider other options like Russia’s Sputnik-V.
In addition to supply issues,the government also cleared up lingering concerns about vaccine safety and efficacy.

“According to the data, those over 75 years old showed 100 percent immunity against COVID-19 two weeks after getting the AstraZeneca jab.
The efficacy rate was 93.2 percent for those who received the Pfizer vaccine.”

The government also said the vaccines have drastically brought down the number of fatalities and severe cases.
And it aims to maximize those effects by expanding the vaccine drive to more people in the general public next month.
Lee Kyung-eun, Arirang News.

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