No more popcorn in movie theaters nor a simple cup of coffee in the library.
One should now avoid eating in public places in South Korea OR face a possible fineas the government has adopted a new set of prevention measures.
It applies to 21 places, including sports arenas, museums, private cram schools, PC rooms and saunas.
Previously, eating inside was allowed under social distancing levels two and one.five.
While the current systems will remain the same for another two weeks, the revised rule bans eating regardless of the level.
However, there are exceptions.
For instance, if a museum or other facility has a designated area for eating, like a cafe or restaurantor when private partitions are installed in PC rooms to keep people apart.
After a one-week grace period,violators will be fined a hundred-thousand won, or around 90 U.S. dollars.
On top of the no eating policy, entry to entertainment facilities like pubs, bars, and nightclubs will require an individual digital QR log.
Submitting an individual phone number and address were mandatory,meaning that conventionally, one person in the group could representatively provide the information.
Now each person in the group must write or submit a QR code to enter.
Additionally, more thorough temperature checks will be conducted to restrict people with COVID-19 symptoms entering,while there will be a person in charge of making sure the rules are enforced.
To try and stem the spread, health authorities have extended until April 11th, the level two social distancing in the Seoul metropolitan area and level one.five in the rest of the country.
That means the ban on private gatherings of five or more people remains in place, with certain exceptions only like pre-wedding gatherings of the bride and groom’s families, which can include up to eight people.
Choi Jeong-yoon, Arirang News.


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