Unable to bring down the daily number of new COVID-19 cases South Korean authorities decided to extend the current level of distancing measures for two additional weeks.
This means the nationwide gathering ban of five or more will continue as well as business operating restrictions in the capital region.
For more on this, we have our Kim Do-yeon on the line.
Do-yeon, what does this mean?

Mok-yeon, health authorities have chosen to maintain the current level of measures for two more weeks.
As of now, the capital region is under level 2 and the rest of the country is at 1.5 those restrictions were due to end on the 14th.
This comes as South Korea, on Thursday, reported 488 new cases with 467 of them locally transmitted.
For around the past two months, the country’s new COVID-19 cases have been hovering around this number not showing much improvement.
Making the announcement, the Prime Minster said this was a critical moment.

“There is a fierce fight between COVID-19’s momentum towards a fourth wave and the country’s virus prevention efforts to prevent this. If we back down, the hard-built virus prevention efforts thus far will be crushed and a fourth wave could become a reality.”

Maintaining the current level includes the gathering ban of five or more people nationwide, and for the capital region, on-site dining being prohibited past 10 PM.
As for the health authorities, the Prime Minister added that there will be a special prevention period for the two extended weeks for the capital region saying the authorities will be focusing on inspecting virus prevention methods at multi-purpose facilities while conducting mass testing at foreigner concentrated work places.
That’s all I have for now, back to you, Mok-yeon.

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