President Moon visits local health center to oversee first COVID-19 vaccine inoculation
At one of the vaccination centers in Seoul today was President Moon Jae-in – no, not to get a jab himself, but to observe the first coronavirus vaccinations as the country launched its inoculation campaign as the president at age 68 have been excluded from eligibility this time around.”Is it okay for me to observe this historic first vaccination?”

“Yes. It’s an honor.”

The president then sat with the first recipient as he waited for his 15-minute monitoring period in case of any adverse reaction.

“You’re a doctor. It’s true that there are concerns among the people because this is the first vaccine to be rolled out in the country. Is there anything you would like to tell them?”

“This vaccine has already been given to millions of people worldwide, so I think its safety and efficacy have already been proven. But, what’s key is not to let my guard down and stick to the anti-virus measures because even if I don’t get the virus myself, I can still pass on the virus that are on my hands or nose.”

President Moon was also briefed on the country’s overall inoculation plan by top health authorities including the KDCA Commissioner, Dr. Jeong Eun-kyeong.
He encouraged the Korean people to get vaccinated so that we can swiftly return to normalcy

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