First recipient group receives COVID-19 vaccine in S. Korea
“What is your name?”
“It’s Lee Kyeong-soon.”It was 8:43 AM on February 26th.
With a slightly tense face, the nurse at the Nowon-gu District Health Center took the vaccine out of the fridge.
It was the first of around one.five-seven million vaccine doses that are being given out in the country’s first round of inoculations.
The vaccine is carefully drawn up into a syringe.
And two minutes later,the very first shot in South Korea’s vaccine program, going into 61-year-old Lee Kyeong-soon’s arm.
Lee, a care worker from the Sanggye nursing home became the country’s unofficial first recipient, as the center started its vaccinations a little bit earlier than the 9AM nationwide start time.
For her it was a dose of relief.

“Frankly speaking, it’s been a very nerve-wracking year. But now that I’ve been vaccinated, I feel relieved and I thank the government, the district office and the health center for their efforts to make this happen.” 1 . .

After the shots, all recipients are informed of what precautions they need to take.
They will remain at the vaccination spot for 15 to 30 minutes to make sure they don’t have any severe allergic reactions.
About one.five-seven million vaccine doses, enough to inoculate 785-thousand people, are being delivered across the country to be dispensed in the coming weeks.
The first in line are the residents and workers of nursing care and rehabilitation centers aged under 65.
More than 90 percent of them have signed up for the jab, and are part of a new chapter in the country’s battle against the COVID-19 pandemic.
Kim Sung-min, Arirang News

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