COVID-19 vaccinations in South Korea started on Friday, under much pressure and attention.
The South Korean government reported today that the vaccination plans are running smoothly, and some 18-thousand have received their shots within the first day.
Our Kim Yeon-seung reports.
When the clock struck 9 A.M. on Friday in South Korea, the first round of Astrazeneca’s COVID-19 vaccines was administered simultaneously across 17 health clinics and 213 nursing homes nationwide.
“We are standing at the starting line to the return to normalcy. Since our start yesterday, our vaccination plans have been running smoothly.”
South Korea’s vaccination plan quickly gained momentum after its kickoff.
And in a day, a total of 18,489 people have received their AstraZeneca shots.
More than 6 percent of the inoculations were completed for those who have signed up for the first round of COVID-19 vaccines.
This also means that within the first day, zero.0-4 percent of the country’s population have been vaccinated.
The first to receive Astrazeneca’s vaccines were workers and residents of the country’s nursing homes and rehabilitation centers under the age of 65, as per safety guidelines.
So far, there have only been a few reports of the vaccine causing side effects, but none out of the ordinary.
“A total of 15 cases have been reported as possible side effects of the vaccination. But all of them were mild cases of headaches, fatigue, fever, nausea, and vomiting, symptoms that are common after vaccination.”
One man from Jeollabuk-do province called an ambulance a little past midnight due to muscle pain and fever after receiving his shot.
But once at the hospital, he made a speedy recovery and was released in less than three hours.
As the second day of vaccinations coincides with the start of the three-day-long March 1st independence movement holiday, many health centers have shut down.
This is expected to slow down vaccination efforts a bit, but some nursing homes have taken the reins to safely carry out inoculations by themselves.
Kim Yeon-seung, Arirang News


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