The National Medical Center in Seoul is where South Korea’s vaccination program will kick off next month starting with frontline medical workers in the capital region.
They will receive the vaccines directly and carry out the inoculations internally.
Throughout the first quarter, this will then be expanded to three other similar medical centers nationwide.
It will be a similar process for workers and patients at nursing hospitals another priority group.
And at residential facilities for older adults, a team of staff will be required to visit and vaccinate any residents with restricted mobility.
Starting in the second quarter when mass inoculation begins, vaccinations will be administered on two major platforms.
The ‘viral vector vaccines’ like AstraZeneca’s, will be administered at 10-thousand private medical centers around the country.
But for ‘mRNA vaccines’, such as those by Pfizer and Moderna, which require cold chain storage, around 2-hundred-50 special vaccination centers will be set up,.. in places like gyms and theaters.
Each center will have three sections including a post-vaccination area, to monitor any immediate adverse effects.

Key to a safe and successful vaccine administration is logistics and storage not easy for some of these temperature sensitive COVID-19 vaccines.
The government has teamed up with private logistic firms and the military, to handle the entire process.
Also, the cold-chain system will be very high-tech.

“We are planning to set up a central administration center that will utilize the Internet of things, to trace the locations of the vaccines and their temperatures in real time.”

The military will be on standby to assist in case of any emergencies.
And its resources will also go into escorting the vehicles carrying the vaccines.
Lee Kyung-eun, Arirang News.

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