The Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency has released its plans for vaccination confirming front-line medical workers as the first group to get the shots.
The shots will be given starting next month and the plan is divided into quarters.
Over 65s and those who work with the elderly are among those who will get the vaccine in the first two quarters.
The rest of the general public is set to start receiving the shots in the latter half of the year.

“Inoculations prioritize lowering the death rate by considering the risk for the elderly and stopping the spread at high-risk facilities from leading to regional outbreaks”

The very first shots will be for an estimated 50,000 medical workers directly involved in fighting COVID-19.
Following in the first quarter are 780,000 residents and workers of nursing homes and 440,000 in medical response teams starting mid-March.
For this stage, the vaccines used will be from AstraZeneca and the COVAX Facility.
In the second quarter, people aged 65 or older and those working at or using high risk facilities for the elderly or disabled are next in line a group of more than 9 million.
In addition, those working at neighborhood clinics and pharmacies will be able to get their shots.
For the second quarter, the country plans to rolling out Moderna and Janssen vaccines to boost the supply.
Pfizer is set to arrive Korea by the latter half of the year.

“Starting from the second half of the year, we will expand inoculations for all citizens considering the supply of vaccines and how inoculation went in the first half.”

So far from COVAX and the 4 vaccine producers, the country has secured shots for 56 million people with the government in talks with Novavax for vaccines for an additional 20 million people to provide room for safety.
In case of serious side effects or adverse reactions to the vaccines, the government will provide compensation.
If the process goes according to the plan, 70 percent of the country will be immune to COVID-19 by November but the health authorities added that the goal is to speed up the process as much as possible.
Kim Do-yeon, Arirang News.

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