Leaders from all corners of society were invited to a New Year’s gathering on Thursdayhosted by President Moon Jae-in.
The annual event was held virtually this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
And for the first time ever, as well as business and political leaders being in attendance, ordinary citizens were also invited to take parteight people who had made outstanding contributions to society.
Among the eight citizens was Lee Seung-woo, founder of startup ‘119 REO’, a social enterprise that turns used firefighters’ uniforms into normal clothing.
119 REO also donated some of its revenue to help firefighters who are receiving cancer treatment.
Another was Kim Byung-geun, the director of the Bagae General Hospital.
Kim offered up the private hospital to provide medical assistance as well as beds for COVID-19 patients during a national shortage.
Also in attendance was a popular Korean food youtuber named Ssoyoung.
With almost 5 million subscribers, she said that she is proud to promote South Korea to her fans from over 130 countriesand that her aim is to make people love Korean food. But, 2021 should be a year to care about vulnerable people.
The president, along with the attendees, shared this New Year wish of “a healthy year together”.

President Moon Jae-in also had praise for the South Korean public for their cooperation in COVID-19 quarantine effortssaying that they helped ease the pandemic’s economic impact.
He also said that this year is “a year of unity”.

“The New Year is a year of unity. Due to the coronavirus, we have realized that we are all connected to one another.”

President Moon stressed that he is confident that together, South Korea will win the fight against the virus and restore life back to normal.
Hong Yoo, Arirang News.

Reporter : yoohong@arirang.com


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