South Korea reported 840 new cases of COVID-19 on Wednesday, of which 809 were local transmissions.
Most of those new cases were from the capital region and with the recent increase in daily fatalities from COVID-19, one-percent of Seoul City’s COVID-19 infections have resulted in death.
Despite this, the health authorities say the strain on medical infrastructure is easing.
During the briefing, the health authorities acknowledged the downward trend.

“The average number of new cases in the past week has fallen into the 800s it shows the current trend is downward and is past its peak. However, considering the slow sign of spread in the local community, the decline is expected to be slow.”

Clusters, however, continue to cause concern.
Seoul’s Dongbu Detention Center has accounted for more than 1,100 cases since the end of November.
The Ministry of Justice and the health authorities have carried out mass testing on inmates and officers at 11 other jails and prisons. So far, no one has tested positive.
The other 41 facilities in the country will go through mass testing as well.
In addition, the justice ministry will test prison officers weekly and provide masks to each inmate on daily basis as part of its latest virus prevention measures.
With recent outbreaks at nursing homes, health authorities have sent response teams to two senior care centers and transported most of the COVID-19 patients to designated medical facilities.
In addition, local governments will run designated infectious disease nursing care hospitals for COVID-19 patients from nursing homes as they need critical care once infected due to their age.
For the mental care hospitals, residents who test postive with mild symptoms will be moved to mental care hospitals that are prepared to care for patients with COVID-19.
Those who are critically ill will be transported to a hospital that treats infectious disease.
From December 15 to January 5, there have been around 339 reported COVID-19 cases from six mental care hospitals.
Kim Do-yeon, Arirang News.

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