Amid an unrelenting third wave of COVID-19, the South Korean government has come up with extra measures to target certain high-risk facilities.
Of particular concern are cluster infections at nursing homes and facilities for senior citizens.
Close to two hundred cases are being linked to one nursing hospital in Seoul’s Guro-gu District.
The Central Disaster Management Headquarters announced on Wednesday that it will focus on strengthening its initial response capabilities.

“Starting today, we’ll run three emergency on-site response teams that will collaborate with the Central Disease Control Headquarters to swiftly minimize any damage caused by cluster infections at nursing hospitals and facilities for the elderly.”

As for churches, authorities warn that tough measures await those who violate safety regulations.
Just this Monday, the city of Daegu decided to shut down a local church after it had repeatedly ignored orders banning in-person services, even on Christmas.
Meanwhile, the recent mass outbreak at the Dongbu Detention Center in Seoul has put the government on high alert over the virus spreading in correctional facilities.
The Ministry of Justice, in cooperation with health authorities, decided on Wednesday to conduct a fourth round of testing at the detention center on some 1,830 people.
Han Seong-woo, Arirang News.

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