South Korea will extend level 2.5 distancing measures in the capital region for another 6 days.

“After evaluating the degree of risk, we’ve decided to maintain the current distancing measures until January 3rd. We have contained the virus from rapidly spreading but were not able to see a dramatic turnaround in the spike of COVID-19 patients.”

South Korea is now almost three weeks into enforcing level 2.5 measures in the capital region, and during that time daily coronavirus infections have nearly doubled.
Although the past 20 days have not proven level 2.5 to be particularly effective, the government finds it hopeful that the measures have slowed down movement in the capital region during the past two weekends.
The virus’s reproductive rate has also slumped, with the number dropping from 1.2-7 to 1.0-7.
For struggling local businesses, the government will supply funds of 3 million Korean won or 2,7-hundred U.S. dollars maximum, while promising a 70-percent cut in taxes for landlords who reduce their rent prices.
Meanwhile, the ruling party, the government, and the presidential house have announced that South Korea will start COVID-19 vaccinations for frontline healthcare workers and the elderly from next February.

“Many countries will start vaccinations in the second quarter next year. We will also start vaccinating the general population around that period.”

They have emphasized that they are able to procure vaccines to cover 120 percent of South Korea’s population.
Kim Yeon-seung, Arirang News

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