A South Korean man in his 80s, who returned from the U.K. on December 13th, has posthumously tested positive for COVID-19.
The man, who suffered from cardiovascular disease, died from cardiac standstill while in 14-day self-quarantine.
Following the confirmation, his family members also tested positive.
This prompted the South Korean government to look into whether they had contracted the new variant that is spreading fast in Britain.
Health authorities said samples have been collected, adding that the final results are expected during the first week of January.

“Analyzing the genetic sequence for the mutation through a PCR test would not take long. Quarantine authorities might even have the results already.”

The new variant type, which is known to be highly transmittable, is spreading fast across Europe, Canada, Japan and South Africa.
The South Korean government has also toughened quarantine measures by suspending all flights from Britain until December 31st.

“People who return from Europe will be tested within three days of entry, and tested again before they are discharged from self-quarantine.”

As the new variant strain is believed to be nearly 70 percent more infectious than any other strain, local health officials are also being extra cautious.
Kim Hyo-sun, Arirang News.

Reporter : hyosunee88@gmail.com


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