Around the world, huge crowds usually gather to count down to midnight and welcome in the New Year.
In South Korea one of the most popular events on New Year’s Day is to watch the first sunrise along the east coast.
One year ago, Ganjeolgot Beach in the city of Ulsan attracted some 170,000 visitors for the sunrise.
However, the third wave of COVID-19 is putting a stop to large crowds welcoming in 2021.
The government had already cancelled the popular midnight bell ringing ceremony in central Seoul.
And health authorities this week also decided to close popular attractions during the Special Virus Prevention period, which runs from Thursday until January 3rd.
Ganjeolgot beach and other popular east coast beaches such as Jeongdongjin in Gangwon-do Province will be closed.
And some public parks will be closed as well.
This includes Namsan Park in the center of the nation’s capital Seoul.
While it isn’t the first place in the country to see the sunrise, the park usually attracts a lot of visitors at dawn on New Year’s Day.
Along with the major landmarks, local districts will adjust the opening times of attractions in their jurisdictions to prevent large crowds from forming.
Kim Do-yeon, Arirang News.

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