South Korea today has reported another 11-hundred new cases of COVID-19, the highest single-day total since the pandemic began.
Prime Minister Chung Sye-kyun will be holding a meeting this afternoon to come up with new measures to stop the spread, which could include stronger distancing measures.
Yoon Jung-min reports.
South Korea reported 1,97 new COVID-19 cases on Sunday, the highest daily total so far.
Of them, 1,72 were locally transmitted.
By region, local infections were concentrated in the capital area, with Seoul adding 470 cases, Gyeonggi-do Province 244 cases and Incheon 62.
The surge in cases has been attributed to cluster infections at local churches, nursing homes and call centers.
As the number of critically ill patients continues to rise and hospital beds run out, South Korean Prime Minister Chung Sye-kyun will be holding a meeting Sunday afternoon to prepare new measures against the virus.
Those discussions are likely to include raising the social distancing to the highest tier, level 3, although the government has been reluctant to take that step because of its social and economic costs.
Already, restaurants cannot serve customers in the store after 9 PM, and high-risk facilities like gyms, saunas and singing rooms are closed.
This past week, the government announced that poker pubs will have to close until December 28th and ski resorts outside the capital area will have to close after 9 PM.
Yoon Jung-min, Arirang News.

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