South Korea’s COVID-19 situation continues to worsen as the country enters the weekend.
While it has been some time since the capital region elevated the social distancing level to two.five and other regions to level two, the spread isn’t slowing down.
For more on the situation, we have our Kim Do-yeon on the line.
Do-yeon, tell us more.
Dami, as you said, the situation is not improving with the daily caseloads in four digits continually.
Specifically, the country reported 1,053 cases today.
All but 24 were local transmissions.
The capital region continues to account for the majority of cases, with nearly 700.
However, the rest of the country also reported 337 cases the first time the non-capital region recorded more than 300 cases.
With the weekend starting, the Prime Minister addressed the public and pleaded for people to participate in social distancing despite the holiday season.
“This weekend will be a turning point on whether to raise the social distancing level. To avoid having to endure even bigger inconveniences and pain than now, we ask that everyone participate in the social distancing measures.”
Do-yeon, as the Prime Minister suggests, is the government looking into raising the social distancing level?
Dami, the average caseload for the past week has topped 800 the threshold for raising the distancing level to level 3 but health authorities are still hesitant.
Instead, they are trying to ensure that current measures are maximized by closing loopholes that are being exploited.
For example, poker pubs will not be able to operate for the next ten days.
Such businesses were registered as regular restaurants allowing them to operate until 9 PM, but many of these venues had cases in the past couple of weeks.
Ski resorts outside capital regions will now close after 9 PM as well.
In addition to the Korean government, the U.S. Forces Korea raised restrictions to HPCON Charlie.
That’s the second-highest health protection measure for troops overseas.
This will restrict the forces from visiting non-essential places such as restaurants and pubs outside of military bases.
That’s all I have for you at this hour, back to you, Dami.

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