South Korea has reported more than a thousand daily COVID-19 cases for the third day in a row.
As the situation worsens, the nation’s health authorities are continuing their push to secure as many vaccines as possible.
In fact, they will reveal how their plans are going in less than an hour.
For more on this, we have our Choi Won-jong on the line.
Wonjong, what can we expect from this briefing?

Good morning, Dami. Earlier this month, South Korea’s health authorities said they were planning to secure COVID-19 vaccines for 44 million people, starting from the first quarter of next year.
One of the pharmaceutical companies named was the British drugmaker AstraZeneca.
However, at approximately 10:50 AM Korea time, the South Korean government will unveil its additional procurement plans.
According to health officials, Pfizer as well as Johnson & Johnson could be other vaccine suppliers the government will sign deals with.
On Friday, South Korea confirmed an additional one,sixty-two COVID-19 cases.
It marks the third straight day that the new daily caseload has been in the four digits.
All but 26 were locally transmitted.
Seoul alone had new 3-hundred 98 new cases.
This brings the total national caseload to more than 47-thousand.
The government is still cautiously monitoring the situation and whether to raise social distancing levels to the highest tier.
There are concerns such a move would do tremendous economic damage.
However, South Korea’s Prime Minister is urging people to follow prevention guidelines before deciding on the next move with local government officials and experts.
That’s all I have for you now. We will bring you information on the briefing during the next newcast at noon. Back to you. .

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