As South Korea has been witnessing record-high COVID-19 daily tallies lately, the government is reportedly mulling over raising social distancing regulations to the highest level.
However, as Level 3 will come with a significant social and economic impact, the government is combing through the detailed guidelines and listening to the advice of numerous experts.

“The government is gathering opinions from related experts including those from the central and local governments as well as the life quarantine committee. It is contemplating the need to raise distancing guidelines.”

Under Level 3, large retail shops and beauty salons will have to shut, while only pharmacies and small grocery stores that sell household essentials will be allowed to stay open.
The government, however, is now revisiting its guidelines amid increasing calls to close ski resorts and to ban dining-in at restaurants.

“We are taking into consideration the detailed opinions gathered by relevant ministries on each industry.”

With this, quarantine authorities are also discussing ways to revise guidelines to further curb transmissions that have been spreading by coming into contact with previously confirmed cases.
While a higher proportion of confirmed cases were related to cluster infections three weeks ago, now contact with COVID-19 patients accounts for 43 percent of new cases.
It remains to be seen whether the government can lay out specific and effective quarantine guidelines that can help contain the spread.
But, it’s also keenly aware that these measures will yield no results if the general public doesn’t abide by them.
Kim Hyo-sun, Arirang News.

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