South Korea opened dozens of free COVID-19 testing sites in the greater Seoul area, as the country registered additional 718 new cases today amid a surge in infections.
The KDCA said the additional cases took the country’s total since the pandemic began to more than 43,and-4-hundred infections with 587deaths.
Roughly 65-percent of the new cases were found in the Seoul which has been at the center of a recent viral surge.
Meanwhile, last Friday, we learned that South Korean director Kim Ki-duk, who won the top award at the Venice Film Festival in 2012 had died in Latvia at the age of 59. has died in Latvia. He was 59.
A Latvia-based Russian documentary filmmaker Vitaly Mansky, president of an international documentary film festival in Riga, has been cited as saying Kim died after falling ill with COVID-19.

Let’s go in-depth with all things Covid-19 happening around us tonight.
First, I have our film critic, Pierce Conran joining us via Skype and later in the show, we’ll be joined by Dr. David Kwak, Physician at Soonchunhyang University Hospital.

Hi, Pierce, thanks for joining us.

South Korea’s film industry has remained relatively quiet since receiving news of the award-winning filmmaker Kim Ki-duk’s passing in Latvia. What do you make out of this?

He still remains the only South Korea director to have won all three major European film festivals: Cannes, Venice, and Berlin.
With his debut in 1996 with “Crocodile”, can you tell us about his achievements as a filmmaker? His film style?

It was after his great success and international recognition that he started facing legal suit. Kim shunned public appearances in Korea since 2017.
What happened?

After his accusations became public in South Korea, Kim still made films abroad?

Kim arrived in Latvia, where he passed away, some time last month. What was his connection there?

Thanks, Pierce for the thorough overview. That was Pierce Conran, Arirang News’ film critic on Kim Ki-duk’s death in Latvia last Friday.
Now, we have Dr. David Kwak, Physician at Soonchunhyang University joining us live via Skype.

Dr. Kwak, in the case of the South Korean film director, his last known contact was made on December 5th, around the time when he is assumed to have gotten infected by COVID-19 and administered for treatment.
Within less than a week’s time, he passed away due to COVID-19 complications.
Now, Kim doesn’t fall under the high risk age group of 70 and over, yet it seems the virus took his life rather quickly.
What could be the treatment “complications” reported?

South Korea’s K-Quarantine has been rather effective in terms of keeping the death rate of those not in the high risk groups very low. What are key elements that keep mortality rate low in this country?

How alarming is the current Covid-19 situation in South Korea and what about across the world?

We’re just hours away from the seeing the first group of Americans to receive Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine after emergency authorization. Where is South Korea in this race to get citizens vaccinated around the world?

Dr. David Kwak, Physician at Soonchunhyang University Hospital. Many thanks as always for your expertise. We appreciate it.

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