Amid record-breaking COVID-19 cases in South Korea, calls have grown for raising social distancing measures to level 3,… the highest level under the five tier system.
The main objective of the strongest antivirus measure is to advise people to stay at home and minimize contact with others.
Under level 3, gatherings of 10 or more people would be banned, and multiuse facilities will have to close with the exception of those deemed essential including hospitals and stores.
Wedding halls would also have to shut down, and only family members would be allowed for funerals.
People would also be restricted from going to amusement parks, movie theaters and department stores.
Schools, including kindergartens, would turn to remote learning, and companies would only be able to have essential workers in offices with the rest working from home.
All sports and religious events would be restricted as well.
With these tougher measures, the country’s economy is set to face more hardship.
According to the health ministry, level 3 social distancing would negatively affect over 2 million multiuse facilities and businesses, with over 450-thousand facilities under a no-assembly order.
The Bank of Korea forecasts private consumption to reduce by 16.6 percent, with GDP dropping 8 percent.

Choi Min-jung, Arirang News.

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