South Korea’s Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, along with OECD and KDI School of Public Policy and Management on Wednesday hosted the ‘Online International Conference’ to discuss effective public communication and recovery from COVID-19.

“The world stands together in the fight against COVID-19.
In this online international conference held here in Seoul, government officials and experts discuss how transparent public communication serves as one of the most important weapons.”

“During the COVID-19 era, K-Quarantine methods gained worldwide recognition. One of the most important elements has been public communication. Today we host this event to share our experiences with the world.”

Public communication involves governmental bodies sharing information with the public something which has been vital during the COVID-19 pandemic and, experts say, will be just as important afterwards.

“In the post-COVID-19 world, we will see an accelerated digital transition. So I want to say that public communication, based on digital technology, will be the default from now on. Especially, anything related to developing a public service will require public communication.”

During Wednesday’s conference, the UK’s Deputy Director of Strategic Communications, Malaysia’s official from the Ministry of Health and other distinguished guests shared their own country’s responses.

“We certainly feel like in the UK, we want to continue to be evolving our offer and the work that we do.”

Although detailed policies differed from country to country, one message stayed uniform.
Combatting misinformation and gaining public trust is key to effective public communication.
Kim Yeon-seung, Arirang News

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