While the South Korean government imposed the second highest social distancing measure in the capital area amid a continued surge of COVID-19 cases, large businesses are also taking action to curb the virus.
Following the introduction of level 2.5 distancing, which began on Tuesday, Samsung Electronics has decided to implement a rotational remote working system from Wednesday.
According to Samsung Electronics, 30-percent of the employees in the departments of home appliances and the mobile business sector will work in rotation with some working remotely from home.
This equals some 10-percent of its total number of employees.
The company is also taking applications from people interested in working from home, potentially doubling the number of remote workers.
The tightened steps come following a government advisory for businesses to have over a third of the employees working from home.

“We strongly advise office workers to work from home, schools to expand remote classes, institutions and academies to prohibit gatherings, and residents of the capital area to refrain from visiting other areas.”

Other large corporations are also maintaining their own work-at-home guidelines.
50-percent of the workers from the Hyundai Motor Group are to work at home, while employees in the company are obligated to wear masks at all times.
Meanwhile, LG Group has increased its number of employees working remotely to 70-percent starting at the end of last month.
Choi Min-jung, Arirang News.

Reporter : minjungc14@gmail.com


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