Starting Tuesday, tougher social distancing measures are in place in the Greater Seoul area for three weeks.
After a surge in COVID-19 cases in the capital area, the South Korean government has implemented the second-highest social distancing measures disappointing news for gym users.
Usually around 180 people exercise at this gym each day, but starting Tuesday it is going to be empty for three weeks.
The owner says he is worried about losing even more customers once it reopens.

“The main problem is that gym users need to exercise for at least three weeks to have a routine. But with the government issuing restrictions almost every three weeks, customers are losing the desire to work out, which has made it hard for us to run this business.”

This is not the only place impacted by the new measures.
Singing rooms and bars were allowed to open until 9 PM, but now they are completely closed for three weeks.
And 9PM closing times are applied to movie theaters, PC rooms, hair salons and department stores.
Weddings and funerals are limited to 50 people, and religious facilities like churches can hold services only virtually.
The existing restrictions remain under level 2.5 for coffee shops and restaurants meaning take-out only for cafes and delivery services for restaurants after 9 PM.
Despite many places being shut again, one person thinks these tougher measures are necessary.

“I think the stricter social distancing measures are a good idea because we’ve seen a rising number of cases since Halloween in October. I think it’s better to have restrictions in place now that we’re approaching the holidays.”

In the meantime, health authorities have sent a warning that there is only one higher level left if cases don’t slow down under 2.5 distancing measures.
Choi Won-jong, Arirang News.

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