President Moon Jae-in says he is sorry for the inconvenience people will face under the stronger social distancing regulations that start this week.
In a meeting with his top aides on Monday, Moon stressed that the situation is more serious than ever, warning of an uncontrollable nationwide pandemic if the virus cannot be swiftly contained.

I am sorry and have a heavy heart for the burden and inconvenience people will face with the enhanced social distancing measures. The government will make all-out efforts to curb the spread of COVID-19, thinking this is the last critical moment before the use of vaccines and treatments.

His remarks came a day before the greater Seoul area will be subject to level 2.5 social distancing rules.
South Korea has seen between 400 and 600 new cases a day since the end of last month, mostly from Seoul and surrounding regions.

President Moon has also ordered the government to deploy all available manpower, including civil servants, the military and police to speed up the country’s track-and-trace system and to increase operations of COVID-19 testing facilities during the evenings and weekends.
The greater Seoul area will also establish large-scale drive-through testing facilities.

South Korea will also be using “rapid antigen tests” in the capital area starting next week.
The test results come out within 15 minutes, with more than 90 percent accuracy compared to the polymerase chain reaction tests which take about six hours.

The president urged people to get tested if they suspect they have the virus, even if they don’t have symptoms and called for cooperation to refrain from gatherings and travel, especially ahead of the Christmas holiday season.

Meanwhile, the government will unveil its plans to purchase COVID-19 vaccines on Tuesday.
According to diplomatic sources, health authorities will make the announcement, which will include specific details regarding the number of vaccine doses and purchase phases.
Kim Min-ji, Arirang News.

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