There’s still a long road ahead for college hopefuls in South Korea.
Around three-quarters of university admissions come from rolling admissions, and a large part of that process involves essays and interviews.

“Just a day after the national college entrance exam, these college applicants at Soongsil University in Seoul are on campus to take their essay tests.”

Other major universities in the country will administer their own essays and interviews in the days to come.
Sogang, Sungkyunkwan and Hanyang University start this weekend and Yonsei University starts next week.
But some applicants will not be able to attend as most schools have prohibited COVID-19 patients from taking part in their admissions process.

“For many, it’s not their fault they’ve tested positive. They should be allowed to take the tests in segregation. Just imagine how much preparation would be wasted if they can’t.”

“From an applicant’s perspective, it’s unacceptable that they’re being banned from taking the essay exams when not all COVID-19 infections can be attributed to the patients themselves. I think passing on all the burden to test takers is a little unjust.”

As for those in quarantine, the Ministry of Education has prepared separate test sites nationwide where universities can administer their exams.

“The 348 test rooms we have procured, of which 113 are in the capital region, will be enough to accommodate test-takers in quarantine.”

Health and education authorities are on high alert as nearly 400 thousand trips are expected to be made across the country over the next two weekends as students go to take their exams.
Han Seong-woo, Arirang News.

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