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The Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission is holding an International Anti-Corruption Conference in Seoul from Tuesday until Friday.

“The IACC is the world’s biggest anti-corruption forum with government organizations, civic group, companies and NGOs from over 140 countries taking part. It’s held every two years and the 19th anti-corruption conference is being held in South Korea this year.”

The event is being held virtually, with screens showing the presentation, guest speakers and viewers.
People can watch the conference for free on the IACC website.
This is to show South Korea’s efforts to eradicate corruption and share its anti-corruption results with the rest of the world.
Speaking at the conference, former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said that COVID-19 and other global challenges like corruption have underlined our fundamental interconnectedness.

“They have also made it increasingly clear that we need global solutions rooted in cooperation and partnership to expand sustainability, transparency, inclusivity, and prosperity for all people and our planet.”

The ACRC ran a survey asking Koreans if they believe upward mobility is possible.
Only one out of ten answered yes.
The best-selling author and Harvard professor Michael Sandel discussed the steps toward building a fair society.

“Many Koreans recognize the unfairness and inequality of opportunity that exists, so in some ways, this is the first step toward bringing about more fair society. The first step is to recognize the problem.”

In the closing ceremony, participants will adopt the result of the conference in the ‘Seoul Declaration’ and cooperate to build a world without corruption.
Jang Tae-hyun, Arirang News.

Reporter : tommyjang@arirang.com


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