South Korea reported 451 new COVID-19 cases on Tuesday… the third straight day of fewer than 500 infections.
Among the latest cases, 420 were locally transmitted with the greater Seoul area accounting for more than 60 percent.
Only 31 coronavirus cases came from overseas.
This brings the country’s total caseload to 34,652.

Health authorities admit that the current uptick is the country’s third waveas cluster infections continue to be reported at various spots, including fitness centers, dance studios, and from social gatherings.

Ahead of the national college entrance exam on Thursday, health authorities are advising test takers to minimize outdoor activities in a bid to prevent the spread of the virus.

“To minimize the risk of COVID-19 infection, we urge test takers to refrain from going to facilities frequented by people and advise students to prepare for the exam through online classes. ”

Local health centers will also be open until 10 PM on Wednesday, the day before the college entrance exam, so that students with COVID-19 symptoms can be tested for the virus.
Those who test positive will be escorted to hospitals or health centers where they can sit Thursday’s exam.
The government has so far secured 172 hospitals beds for students diagnosed with COVID-19 and has set-up 784 testing centers for students in self-quarantine.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government plans to offer free COVID-19 testing for the country’s 24-thousand exam supervisors.
Testing will be available for two days, starting Friday.
Students and parents who wish to receive COVID-19 tests can also apply via the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s official website.
Min Suk-hyen, Arirang News.

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