The COVID-19 pandemic is expected to have a huge impact on this year’s ‘Suneung’, the national college entrance exam.
Starting with the entrances to the test centers, some regions, such as Gangwon-do Province and the city of Incheon, are banning people from waiting outside in fear of an outbreak.
As the students go in, they will have their temperatures checked.
And once they enter, they will see plastic dividers installed on each desk.
The desks are spaced further apart than normal due to reduced capacity24 per classroom down from 28.
Now masks.
Masks are mandatory, but some types are not allowed such as those with valves.
And KF80 or KF94 masks that are certified by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety are highly recommended.
Test takers will have to wear their masks at all times, except for when the examiner is checking their ID and when eating lunch.
During lunch, students have to eat alone in their own seats. And once lunch is over, windows will be opened for ventilation purposes.
As a result, it is expected to be quite chilly so students should remember to dress up warm.
Students who have been affected by the virus will not lose their chance to take the test.
As of last Thursday, the Ministry of Education identified 21 patients who are due to take the exam.
They will each be able to sit the exam in one of the 172 medical beds specially-prepared for test-takers.
Those who are in quarantine can go to designated test centers, which still have plenty of space left.
This Monday, the Ministry of Education started distributing the question and answer sheets for this exam.
Kim Yeon-seung, Arirang News

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