South Korea is currently trying to secure COVID-19 vaccines for at least 30 million people.
On Sunday, Prime Minster Chung Sye-kyun held a press conference regarding the status of COVID-19 prevention measures and opened up about securing vaccine to the press.
He said the government was working to get enough vaccines, and the current projected number of possible immunizations is at 30 million.
However, they are not limiting plans to just that amount, with the government setting the number as a minimum target and is working on plans to go beyond that objective.

“As you may well know, when you sign a contract for vaccines, there is no guarantee that all will be delivered. Depending on the situation, development could be halted at phase 3 of the trials, it may not succeed. That could lead to prepayments being made without receiving supply.”

This means the government is negotiating with multiple vaccine suppliers on top of the 10 million doses the government is securing through COVAX Facility.
In addition, domestic pharmaceutical companies are continuing their development and trials for the vaccine, and the government is working to provide as much support as possible.
He also added that the government may be able to share more details on the vaccine securing process this coming week.
In addition to the Prime Minister’s remarks, a Democratic Party source said they are looking to secure vaccines for 44 million people.
To make this possible, the party will seek an additional 1.2 billion U.S. dollars in next year’s state budget.
Forty-four-million people is around eighty-five-percent of the current population of the country.
Kim Do-yeon, Arirang News.

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