With the national college entrance exam just four days away, President Moon Jae-in carried out an inspection Sunday of various measures being taken to fight the virus.
He called for the utmost care so that everyone who takes the test can do so safely.
Our presidential correspondent Kim Min-ji reports.
President Moon Jae-in has offered reassurances to the people taking the national college entrance exam this week amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
Moon on Sunday inspected virus prevention measures taken at a school in central Seoul that’s been designated for test takers who are in self-isolation.
Some 490-thousand people nationwide mostly high school seniors will be taking the exam, known in Korean as Suneung, on Thursday, December third.
I had various concerns, but today, looking at the preparations, I am somewhat relieved. However, the COVID-19 situation is now worse than when we first planned for Suneung, and there may be more test takers who are infected or in self-isolation so the education authorities will need to prepare with extra caution until the very end.
Moon inspected the desks to be used by test takers, spaced out and separated by plastic dividers also the hand sanitizers and other disinfectants and the protective gear to be worn by the exam supervisors.
The president also checked up on the situation at a hospital in Mokpo in the country’s southwest that will be used as a test venue for COVID-19 patients via video link-up.
Moon stressed the need for everyone’s utmost efforts so that the exam can be taken safely, and he called on the authorities for thorough measures even after the test is over.
After the exam is over, our high school seniors will be more active, and universities will be holding tests of their own, which means more movement so education authorities will need to take the most thorough anti-virus measures after the college entrance exam.
The president also offered encouragement to the test takers who’ve had to prepare in these trying times, urging them not to be nervous and show what they can do.
Kim Min-ji, Arirang News.

Reporter : kimmj@arirang.com


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