South Korea on Sunday reported 450 new cases of COVID-19, 413 of which were local transmissions.
It’s the first time in four days there have been fewer than 500, though this is in part due to fewer tests being done over the weekend.
This week’s average of daily cases has risen now to 416, which is well over the threshold the authorities have designated for the start of stricter distancing measures.
For now, however, the South Korean Prime Minister announced on Sunday that the capital region will stay at level 2 with some adjustments.
From December 1st to the 7th, saunas and indoor sports facilities will have to close.
Also during that time, they’re shutting down amenities at apartment complexes like cafes and study rooms and banning year-end parties at hotels and party rooms.
Outside the capital, the country will stay at level 1.5, but local administrations have the right to raise the level if they choose to.

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