South Korea today reported a drop in new cases of COVID-19.
For the first time in four days, there were fewer than 500, though that’s attributed in part to fewer tests being done on the weekend.
There were 450 cases on Sunday, to be precise, about 250 of them in the greater Seoul area, and the rest in other parts of the country.
The daily average over the past week is now 416 cases, which is well above the threshold of 400 that would trigger yet another increase in social distancing.
Right now South Korea is on level 2, but the authorities are looking at going to 2.5.
Already, cafes are take-out only, and restaurants are take-out only after 9 PM.
If those measures are taken, it would mean events like weddings and funerals are limited to fewer than 50 people, and facilities like PC cafes and theaters have to close at 9 as well.

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