While COVID-19 cases continue to rise here in the country, the national college entrance exam is only 5 days away.
Amid growing concerns for the safety of test takers, local health authorities have urged for extra precautions.
Hong Yoo reports.
490-thousand students are taking Suneung, the South Korean college entrance exam, this coming Thursday.
To ensure the safety of these students, health authorities are operating a special disease quarantine period during which they are requesting people to follow the social distancing guidelines strictly.
People are asked to maintain social distance even inside their homes, as many of the newly confirmed cases were transmissions between family members and acquaintances.
“Keeping distance within the home can reduce transmission among family members, and students who are taking the test must avoid public facilities, academies, and other forms of tutoring and instead use online classes to prepare for Suneung safely by reducing the possibility of transmission.”
Health authorities urged all people to make a safe environment for students to take the test by canceling end-of-year gatherings, avoiding indoor public facilities, and getting tested if experiencing symptoms of COVID-19.
Temples mostly packed during Suneung season with parents who are there to pray for their kids to do well on the exam, are empty this year.
Only a limited amount of people are allowed to participate in the ceremonies due to the pandemic.
COVID-19 has changed the test-taking environment as students will have to wear a mask during the exam, and screen fences will be installed around their desks.
Parents this year will be praying for their kids to be safe from COVID-19 during the exam.
Hong Yoo, Arirang News.

Reporter : yoohong@arirang.com


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