President Moon Jae-in met Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi at the Blue House today.
He stressed that his administration won’t cease its efforts for complete denuclearization on the Korean Peninsula, and he thanked Beijing for its cooperation and constructive role.
With details, our presidential correspondent Kim Minji is live at the nation’s top office.
Min-ji, the talks lasted for longer than scheduled. What was on the table for discussion?

Well Conn-young, President Moon Jae-in has pledged to continue efforts with China and other regional players for peace and denuclearization on the Korean Peninsula.
Wang paid a courtesy call on President Moon at the Blue House this afternoon.
The talks lasted for about 57 minutes.
Take a listen to their remarks at the start of their meeting.

I especially thank China for its constructive role and cooperation in the peace process on the Korean Peninsula. The South Korean government and the international community, including China, will not cease our efforts to put an end to the war on the Korean Peninsula and achieve complete denuclearization.

In talks with Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha this morning, we reached ten areas of consensus. Chinese President Xi Jinping has also highlighted the importance of his friendship and mutual trust with President Moon, and asked to me to relay a verbal message.

The 10-point consensus includes strengthened cooperation on pandemic control, establishing a commission for future bilateral ties given that 2022 marks 30th anniversary of the two countries’ diplomatic relations. It also includes entering the second phase of their free trade arrangement at an early date and advancing a political settlement on the Korean Peninsula.

As for President Xi’s message for Moon he said they’ve had alot of phone calls and exchanges of letters and reached important agreements, especially in regards to COVID-19 cooperation.
He also thanked Moon for inviting him to Seoul, expressing hope to meet soon when conditions allow.
To this, Moon also said he looks forward to meeting President Xi.
Moon and Wang also discussed the potential summit between South Korea, China and Japan, as well as agreed to work for a successful Olympics next year.

Earlier today, Wang Yi sat down with Seoul’s Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha for a meeting as well as a luncheon. I understand the two diplomats reaffirmed their close cooperation Korean Peninsula affairs and agreed to push for a visit by Chinese President Xi when conditions are right. Tell us more.

The foreign ministers agreed on the importance of continued efforts for substantial progress in the peace process on the Korean Peninsula.
They noted that the situation is fluid and that China will continue to support South Korea’s peace drive with North Korea and that it will strengthen strategic communication with Seoul.

As for a potential trip by President Xi to Seoul Wang said that it will happen when the COVID-19 situation eases and that the two sides need to create the right conditions.
He also thanked President Moon for his invitation to President Xi.

During the talks, Wang also pointed out that South Korea and China are working together to contribute to safeguarding regional peace and stability and promoting regional economic integration although he did not elaborate.
Wang’s trip comes amid speculation that Beijing will use Wang’s trip to try to bring Seoul to its side with the China-U.S. rivalry expected to continue under the new Biden administration.
Wang said the U.S. is not the only country in the world there are 190 of them, he said, and they are all independent.

Now, before wrapping up his three-day trip on Friday, the Chinese diplomat will be meeting with other key figures from the government and parliament.
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