South Korea reported 349 new cases of COVID-19 on Tuesday, of which 320 were local transmissions.
This is nearly 80 more cases than the previous day, which had seen the numbers briefly drop below 300.
Experts say, this latest rise in cases is yet another sign that the country is expecting a large outbreak.
Clusters across the nation continued to report additional cases and with more results to come from many of these clusters, additional cases linked to these clusters are expected.
Most of the local transmissions came from the capital area, which started level 2 distancing on Tuesday the third highest level in its five tier scheme.
Under those level 2 measures, five-types of night-life venues will be subject to bans on gatherings.
Singing rooms must be closed after 9 PM.
Restaurants can invite customers to sit-in until 9 PM, but can only provide take-out and delivery afterwards.
Cafes, including non-franchise ones, will only be able to provide take-out and delivery services at all times.
Wedding and funeral venues will be limited to 100 people.
And religious activities will have their capacity capped at 20 percent.
Theaters and concert halls are required to seat audience members apart from one another with food consumption strictly prohibited.
And indoor sports facilities are required to halt operations after 9 PM.
A “one strike rule” could halt business operations for just a single violation with a fine of up to around 3 million Korean Won, or around 2-thousand 7-hundred U.S. dollars.
Kindergartens, primary schools and middle schools will have to keep their attendance cap at one-third , while high schools will be limited to two-thirds.
Kim Do-yeon, Arirang News.

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