The Group of 20 have pledged to spare no efforts to ensure affordable and equitable access to safe and effective COVID-19 diagnostics, therapeutics and vaccines for all.
In their Leaders’ Statement following a two-day virtual summit hosted by Saudi Arabia over the weekend, the member states said extensive immunization is a global public good.

It noted the COVID-19 pandemic and its unprecedented impact in terms of lives lost, livelihoods and economies affected is an unparalleled shock and that it highlights the need for continued efforts to protect lives, provide support, with a special focus on the vulnerable and restoring economic growth.
The leaders said they stand united in their conviction that coordinated global action, solidarity, and multilateral cooperation are more necessary than ever.

The leaders also agreed that supporting a multilateral trading system is important to realize the goal of a free, fair, inclusive, non-discriminatory and stable trade and investment environment.
To that end, the G20 members said they are committed to ensuring that global transportation routes and supply chains remain open, safe, and secure, and they will continue to explore concrete ways to facilitate the movement of people in a way that does not impede efforts to protect public health.
This was first proposed by President Moon Jae-in during the G20 Extraordinary Summit in March.

The leaders also reaffirmed their commitment to safeguarding the planet and building a more environmentally sustainable and inclusive future for everyone.
Kim Min-ji, Arirang News.

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