As South Korea grapples with another potential wave of COVID-19, sporadic cluster infections continue to pop up across the country.
As of 2PM Friday, 32 people were confirmed to have been infected at a large cram school in Noryangjin, southwestern Seoul.
This raises concerns among its students, especially those due to take a state exam this Saturday for potential middle school teachers.
Authorities have recommended a total of 214 students and employees from the institute, who came into close contact with the infected patients, to self-quarantine.
Meanwhile, one student from an international school in Jeju Global Education City has tested positive for COVID-19 Jeju Island’s 65th coronavirus patient.
The school has been closed temporarily, and will switch to remote classes for the next two weeks.
Other international schools in the Jeju Global Education City have also been recommended to halt in-person classes for two weeks and to revert to online lessons instead.
Over in Seoul, Yonsei University will switch all classes to online, from November 30th to December 9th.
Since Monday, the university confirmed a total of 19 students, up 7 from the previous day.
There are also concerns among students who are due to take the ‘Suneung’, South Korea’s annual state college entrance exam, which is to be held on December 3rd.
The education ministry said a total of 162 schools in nine cities and provinces across the country have halted in-person classes as of 10 AM Friday.
This is an increase of 32 from 130 the previous day, and is the highest since September 18th, when 7,18 schools suspended in-person classes.
By region, Gyeonggi-do Province had the most number of schools suspend classes with 47 schools, followed by Seoul with 43.
The number of students confirmed with COVID-19 since May 20th was 952 as of Thursday, up 29 from the previous day.
Kim Jae-hee, Arirang News.

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