The South Korean government released its plan on Wednesday to distribute vaccines to 30-million people by next year.
The government said it is currently negotiating with pharmaceutical companies to secure vaccines for 20-million people.
Vaccines for the other 10-million have already been secured through the ‘COVAX facility’, a global collaboration to allow equal access to COVID-19 vaccines.

“We are currently negotiating with all of the leading vaccine makers, and we don’t expect major difficulties in reaching our goal.”

Health minister Park Neung-hoo also said earlier on Tuesday that Pfizer and Moderna, which recently reported over 90-percent efficacy rates for their vaccine candidates, are also trying to reach a deal with South Korea.
He added that it will be easy to secure vaccines from another leading bio-giant AstraZeneca, because its vaccines are being domestically produced.
South Korea actually seems to be turning into a new production base for COVID-19 vaccines and treatments, as domestic pharmaceutical companies have signed a series of deals to manufacture these supplies.
Samsung Biologics has already recently manufactured a small amount of antibody treatment for COVID-19 with U.S.-based firm Eli Lilly.
And another industry leader SK bioscience has signed agreements to produce COVID-19 vaccines with AstraZeneca and U.S. firm Novavax.
The government will be announcing its specific plans on how to secure vaccines later this month.
Bae Eun-ji, Arirang News.

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